Training Methods

Training MethodsIndependent of the topic, we believe the learning experience should be multifaceted. This approach known as “blended learning” mixes different learning environments and methods. Our approach to blended learning has a four-tier expression that purposefully structures the adult learning experience through On-Site TrainingVideo On-DemandOnline Training, and Live Webinars. While each of these modalities can be effective as a stand-alone training method, we often recommend a combination to best meet the needs of our clients.

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Educational Consulting


Clinical Anatomy Associates, Inc. is uniquely qualified to deliver top quality training materials and education for medical industry companies. Our trainers are not only experts in education but also experts of clinical anatomy, surgery, and sales with decades of domestic and international experience within the medical devices industry. Therefore, a variety of topics involving Anatomy & Procedures as well as Sales Training can be developed by our team to meet the specific needs of your company.

R&D Services

R&D ServicesClinical Anatomy Associates, Inc. offers services at various levels of product development. Bibliographic research and reports by our associates experienced in the research and understanding of clinical journal articles can simplify what would otherwise be tedious and time-consuming for engineers and product managers. 

To further product development, our anatomists and clinicians can conduct feasibility studies utilizing device prototypes with cadaver models.  Novel surgical approaches can also be analyzed to assess benefits and/or potential danger to anatomical structures.

Marketing Services

Marketing ServicesWith decades of medical industry experience, our marketing experts are better able to understand the unique needs of medical companies and physician practices.  Whether you need a brochure or a complete marketing campaign, our creative team can design logos, create images, and develop branding strategies based on an in-depth analysis of your company and products.  

Our Internet Marketing Team can manage and coordinate social media such as Facebook and Twitter as well as develop websites and optimize search engine results and website traffic.

Our practice development strategies can help physicians achieve desired growth through the use of traditional as well as cutting edge marketing such as social media.  This service may include the development of referral patterns and liaison services between practices, hospitals, and media outlets.