Bibliographical Research

libraryBibliographical research can be a stand-alone service, or part of a feasibility study. Our research team will look for the different bibliographical resources that may be needed, including MEDLINE research, medical library research, and in special cases, the research of books that are old enough to not have been included in the modern digital research services.

This is specially important when reviewing surgical procedures with earliest references only found in medical books rather than medical journals. 

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility StudiesClinical Anatomy Associates, Inc. can help in the different stages of product development. Important questions such as "what anatomical structures can be endangered when implanting this new device?" or "what anatomical variations can we expect when passing through a particular anatomical area?" can be answered with an anatomical feasibility study.

All work is done under a strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.  Therefore, we cannot share details of specific projects; however, some of our work has involved the study of spine and nerve entrapment, pelvis and transobturator surgical approaches, nerve stimulation procedures, etc.

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Medical Illustration


coronary arteries

Clinical Anatomy Associates, Inc, works with four different medical illustrators. Our objective is to provide illustrations, sketches, drawings in different digital formats to become part of the materials that we offer. 

One of the problems that affects medical illustration is the disregard of anatomical accuracy in favor of artistic licenses. All our material is developed under the careful supervision of a medical professional to assure accuracy.

Depending on the project, we propose the most effective medium, as well as the proper artist to develop the illustration.

Contact us with your requirements; following are some examples of our work.

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