As long as I can remember, I have liked to read. My parents were avid readers and taught me to love books and reading. While studying in high school and college I had access to an incredible number of books in many different topics. Since I have dedicated my life to the teaching of Human Clinical Anatomy, both domestically and internationally, my passion for books has been directed towards Anatomy and Medical Topics.

I like to collect old medical and anatomy books. In this web site there is a page with my personal library catalog

Through a classmate I came into the possesion of a treasure of the history of Chilean Surgery. A group of books that have been owned by three surgeons that made an impression in the history of surgery in Chile. They are Dr. Pedro Eleodoro Fontecilla Sotomayor (1826-1911), Dr. Caupolican Pardo Correa (1870-1933), and Dr. Roberto Aguirrre Luco (1871-1938). This finding is incredibly important since these three surgeons influenced anatomical teaching, surgical technique, and politics of the country. I commissioned a biographical and bibliographical study of all of them. Maybe some day I will have the time to translate and publish it.

The picture in this page shows a part of my library located behind my desk in my office.