Webinar Training

Live webinars are ideal for dynamic real-time interaction with the audience and/or multiple presenters. Webinars may incorporate live video interaction as well as computer based presentation and graphic support. This is a useful modality for enabling multiple trainings over a period of time so as not to overwhelm the trainee. This technique allows the student and the trainer to develop a rapport over time.


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Video On-Demand

Video On-Demand

Video trainings are available on a variety of topics at the Clinical Anatomy Associates Video Center.  Good for individuals seeking greater knowledge to enhance their professional performance or for companies needing to train individual sales representatives rather than groups of sales representatives.   To further ensure learning has occurred, a certification test is optional upon the completion of each video training. 


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Online Training

LMS Training

Clinical Anatomy Associates develops customized interactive online training courses hosted on our own Learning Management System (LMS). Online training courses can be very useful for employee development and compliance management. Online training can be an effective pre-training tool for preparing new hires for their face-to-face training. Many medical companies use online training to keep field employees compliant with industry regulations requiring annual recertification on such things as bloodborne pathogens.

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On-Site Training

On-site lecture by an associate

Lectures are structured according to the needs of the client company. All lectures and presentations utilize a variety of stimuli and teaching techniques to enhance adult learning. Most presentations contain a combination of anatomical slides, computer simulation, live sketching, and computer based presentations. 

While sketching on a blackboard, white board, or flip chart is uncommon in this computer age, many students have said that this aspect of the training greatly enhances understanding.  Some of Dr. Miranda’s anatomical sketches have been framed and displayed by students and companies.  

On-Site Lectures may be delivered at the regional, national, or international offices of the client company or in a variety of other locations.

Regional and national sales meetings are often an ideal time and place for on-site lectures. Initial sales training lectures are often conducted in hotel conference rooms as arranged by the client company.  

Our policy is to clearly understand the product, product use, intended surgical procedure(s) to be able to develop content that is aligned with the strategic marketing and sales objectives of our clients. Even companies in similar arenas receive lecture in similar topics with very different content.

Client companies may also send representatives to Clinical Anatomy Associates, Inc. for training in Cincinnati, Ohio. This option allows for some advanced services such as cadaveric lab time. This is recommended for anyone needing a superior understanding of anatomical structures and their properties. Engineers often benefit greatly from this experience.