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Dr. Maurits Biesbrouck

Dr. Maurits Biesbrouck was born in Roeselare (Belgium) on February 15th, 1946, studied medicine at the Catholic University Leuven and became a MD in 1972. He devoted his professional career to clinical pathology (City Hospital Roeselare) and transfusion medicine He became adjunct medical director of the Dienst voor het Bloed (Brussels) and was the president-founder of the Scientific Association Transfusion in Flanders (WVTV).

Having a lifelong interest in Andreas Vesalius he translated the first book of the De Humani Corporis Fabrica Libri Septem into Dutch, compiled an annually updated Vesalius-bibliography and wrote many articles on his life and works, many as a co-author with Omer Steeno (Leuven, Belgium) and Theodoor Goddeeris (Kortrijk, Belgium). For the moment he is working on an overview of the editions of Vesalius’s works. See www.andreasvesalius.be.

Thanks to Dr. Bisbrouck for collaborating with "Medical Terminology Daily" with the article "Andreas Vesalius' Fatal Voyage to Jerusalem", a 2016 updated version of an original presentation at the 2014 Vesalius Continuum Meeting in Zakynthos, Greece.

He was part of the research team that uncovered the "false Vesalius postage stamps".

Maurits Biesbrouck, MD.